Everyone wants to be more productive and manage their time better, right? With this 7-day SELF-PACED workshop you’ll discover:

Your Productivity Type, Your Energy Peak Time, How Timers Can Change Your Life, Make Friends with Your Calendar, Batch Your Tasks & Theme Your Weeks, Schedule Your Down Time, Reconsider and Rework Your Plans

Many authorpreneurs simply exist, working hard day after day, without ever loving their job, and sometimes even coming to resent the very things you used to enjoy. Don’t be one of those authors! It’s time to PLAN YOUR BEST YEAR EVER. This SELF-PACED workshop comes with 8 different worksheets to help you plan the best year of your writerly life.

Save $25 when you buy the Basic and Advanced courses together!

Brand New Over-The-Shoulder Video Series On How To Quick & Easily Create Stunning Graphics Using Photoshop.

Learn how to get use to the interface and configure your settings.

Learn how to create your first image and which features to select when doing it.

Learn how to work with the settings when editing images.

How to quickly and easily enhance an image.

How to use the configuration settings and be creative.


Brand new over-the-shoulder video series about how to take your email marketing to the next level by sending your emails via Amazon Servers.

Pay only for what you use and cut costs while sending mass emails with Amazon SES.

Benefit from Amazon SESs’ reputation for effect bulk messaging.

Send 62,000 emails every month for free using Amazon EC2 hosted applications.

A solution used and trusted by fortune 500 companies.

Amazon SES has a very high email sending limitation.


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