Stop searching through random notebooks and stacks of sticky notes for the information you need. This workbook is organized in a clean, simple, and easy to navigate PDF file, which means less time struggling and more time writing.

Grab the planner that will help you get from “word one” to “done” in your publishing journey.  Each checklist and worksheet is specifically designed to assist writers throughout their process and ensure they successfully publish their next work.  Take advantage of the pages I personally use in my publishing business. Designed for 8.5×11″ printing, these pages are easy to downsize or leave them at their original size for quick printing on your home computer.
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be a goal getter
Be the ultimate Goal Getter using this workbook, planner, and 90 day journal.  Evaluate your goals, set the perfect targets, and track your progress to go from “just getting by” to “passing others by” this year.
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