Save Money Sending by Your Newsletter with Amazon SES: Basics & Advanced

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Brand new over-the-shoulder video series about how to take your email marketing to the next level with Amazon SES.

Pay only for what you use and cut costs while sending mass emails with Amazon SES.

Benefit from Amazon SESs’ reputation for effect bulk messaging.

Send 62,000 emails every month for free using Amazon EC2 hosted applications.

A solution used and trusted by fortune 500 companies.

Amazon SES has a very high email sending limitation.

1 × Save Money Sending Your Newsletter with Amazon SES: Basic
$25.00 $17.00
1 × Save Money Sending by Your Newsletter with Amazon SES: Advanced
$25.00 $17.00
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Basic Courses

Module 1 Video Training
Lesson 1 Overview
Lesson 2 Basic Pricing for Amazon SES
Lesson 3 Most Common Uses for SES
Lesson 4 SES Terms of Service and Marketing E-Mail
Lesson 5 GDPR Considerations
Lesson 6 Setup and Authentication – Part 1
Lesson 7 Domain Authentication
Lesson 8 From Email and Authentication
Lesson 9 Notifications and Authentication
Lesson 10 Deliverability – Domains
Lesson 11 Deliverability – E-Mail Addresses
Lesson 12 Deliverability – Links & Dedicated IP
Lesson 13 Content and Deliverability
Lesson 14 Testing Sites and Deliverability
Lesson 15 Double or Single Opt-In and Deliverability
Lesson 16 Using an Interface and SMTP Credentials
Lesson 17 SES Interfaces – Part 1
Lesson 18 SES Interfaces – Part 2
Lesson 19 SES Interfaces – Part 3
Lesson 20 Conclusion
Module 2 Audio Recordings
Lesson 1 All Recordings for the Basic Training
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Advanced Courses

Module 1 Amazon SES Advanced Training Videos
Lesson 1 Overview
Lesson 2 Server Based Systems and Technical Ability
Lesson 3 Cost vs. Cloud Based Interfaces
Lesson 4 Server Based Unzip and Upload Mautic
Lesson 5 Why Mautic May Not Be a Straight Forward Install
Lesson 6 Server Based Unzip and Upload of Sendy
Lesson 7 Sendy FTP File Permissions
Lesson 8 Sendy Installation and IAM User Creation
Lesson 9 E-mail Verification with Sendy
Lesson 10 Cloud Based E-mail Octopus
Lesson 11 Cloud Based E-mail Octopus SES Access
Lesson 12 Cloud Based E-mail Octopus Connection
Lesson 13 Cloud Based E-mail Octopus Promoting Website Domains
Lesson 14 Sendy Wordpress Integration
Lesson 15 E-mail Octopus Wordpress Integration
Lesson 16 Wordpress Basic Setup
Lesson 17 Wordpress Plugin Setup
Lesson 18 Wordpress Interface SES Connection
Lesson 19 Wordpress Transactional and Notification E-mails
Lesson 20 Wordpress Newsletter E-mail Paid Plugin
Lesson 21 Conclusion
Lesson 22 Advanced Training Audio Recordings
Module 2 Amazon SES Advanced Audio Recordings
There are no units in this module.
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Sample Videos

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