Be a #goalGetter

Workbook, Planner & 90 Day Journal

Get the most out of your goal setting with the Be a #GoalGetter workbook, planner & journal. 
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    25 Workbook Pages. Prepare your goals, maintain your motivation and avoid failure while discovering the fixes.
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    21 Planner Pages. Discover your future goals, plan out your year, quarter, month, and weeks, and setup new goal getting habits.
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    90 Day Goal Journal. Use the daily prompts to delve into your goal getting mindset and use the famous quotes to keep you going.

Why Wait? Be a #GoalGetter now!

In This Workbook, Planner, & 90 Day Journal You Will Discover:


Nearly 150 pages of goal getting domination that will make sure you succeed this year.



25 pages of learning all about the goal setting process, developing your plans, avoiding failure and maintaining motivation.


21 planner pages to keep track of your future plans, new goals, habits, and todos.



Journal your goal progress, answer journal prompts to explore a goal setting mindset, and stay motivated with daily quotes.

About the Author: Celia Kyle

As a longstanding veteran in the publishing industry, Celia has spent over a decade struggling to keep track of series details. With over eighty books spread across eighteen series, organization isn't an option--it's a necessity. She created 'The Writer's Complete Series Bible Workbook' to finally gather those important details in one place.

Be a #GoalGetter & Succeed Today!


(Normally $45)

Be the ultimate Goal Getter using this workbook, planner, and 90 day journal.  Evaluate your goals, set the perfect targets, and track your progress to go from “just getting by” to “passing others by” this year.

Why Wait? Be a #GoalGetter now!

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