Using Microsoft Word

Module 1Course Modules
Lesson 1Overview
Lesson 2File Menu
Lesson 3File Menu Part 2
Lesson 4Home Menu
Lesson 5Home Menu Part 2 - Styles
Lesson 6Insert Menu
Lesson 7Insert Menu Part 2
Lesson 8Design Menu
Lesson 9Layout Menu
Lesson 10References Menu
Lesson 11References Menu - Table of Contents
Lesson 12Mailings Menu
Lesson 13Review Menu
Lesson 14Review Menu Part 2
Lesson 15Review Menu - Resume Assistant
Lesson 16View Menu
Lesson 17Basic Document Creation
Lesson 18Basic Document Creation Part 2
Lesson 19File Type Saving
Lesson 20Importing from Power Point
Lesson 21Importing from Power Point Part 2
Lesson 22Importing from Excel
Lesson 23File Menu
Lesson 24Voice Recognition and Dictation
Lesson 25Insert Menu Documenting Items
Lesson 26Text and Symbols Tab
Lesson 27Design Menu - Page Background
Lesson 28Layout Menu
Lesson 29References Section - Index Tab
Lesson 30Mail Merge
Lesson 31Mail Merge Part 2
Lesson 32Review Menu - Protect Tab
Lesson 33Review Menu - Compare Tab
Lesson 34Review Menu - Resume Assistant Tab
Lesson 35Review Menu - Linked Notes
Lesson 36View Menu - Windows Tab
Lesson 37Interface with Google Docs
Lesson 38Mobile Integration
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