Design & Enhance with Photoshop: The Basics

Module 1Video Training
Lesson 1Overview
Lesson 2Pricing and Licensing Options
Lesson 3Basic File Types and Options
Lesson 4Working with the Interface
Lesson 5Working with a Basic Canvas
Lesson 6Working with Layers
Lesson 7Working with the Move Tool
Lesson 8Working with Shapes
Lesson 9Working with the Marquee Tool
Lesson 10Working with Colors
Lesson 11Working with the Paintbucket
Lesson 12Working with the Eraser Tool
Lesson 13Working with the Text Tool
Lesson 14Working with Images
Lesson 15Working with Sizing
Lesson 16Working with Transparent Layers
Lesson 17Using the Crop Tool
Lesson 18Working with Layer Styles
Lesson 19Working with Rotation of Images and Layers
Lesson 20Conclusion
Module 2Audio Recordings
Lesson 1All Audio Recordings
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