Design & Enhance with Photoshop: Advanced

Module 1Video Lessons
Lesson 1Overview
Lesson 2Having Graphic Designs Created
Lesson 3Making PSD Thumbnails Visible on Your PC
Lesson 4Creating a Simple Design Part 1
Lesson 5Creating a Simple Design Part 2
Lesson 6Changing the Background Image
Lesson 7Changing the Font or Text
Lesson 8Working with Photoshop Actions
Lesson 9Sources for Photoshop Actions
Lesson 10Selecting Photoshop Actions
Lesson 11Producing Photoshop Actions Part 1
Lesson 12Show Transform Controls
Lesson 13Producing Photoshop Actions Part 2
Lesson 14Creating a Multiple 3D Image Shot
Lesson 15Sizing of File Formats
Lesson 16Saving for Certain File Formats
Lesson 17Live Application Part 1
Lesson 18Live Application Part 2
Lesson 19Multiple Shot Live Application
Lesson 20Conclusion
Module 2Audio Recordings
Lesson 1Audio Recordings
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