Introduction to Amazon SES

Module 1Video Training
Lesson 1Overview
Lesson 2Basic Pricing for Amazon SES
Lesson 3Most Common Uses for SES
Lesson 4SES Terms of Service and Marketing E-Mail
Lesson 5GDPR Considerations
Lesson 6Setup and Authentication – Part 1
Lesson 7Domain Authentication
Lesson 8From Email and Authentication
Lesson 9Notifications and Authentication
Lesson 10Deliverability – Domains
Lesson 11Deliverability – E-Mail Addresses
Lesson 12Deliverability – Links & Dedicated IP
Lesson 13Content and Deliverability
Lesson 14Testing Sites and Deliverability
Lesson 15Double or Single Opt-In and Deliverability
Lesson 16Using an Interface and SMTP Credentials
Lesson 17SES Interfaces – Part 1
Lesson 18SES Interfaces – Part 2
Lesson 19SES Interfaces – Part 3
Lesson 20Conclusion
Module 2Audio Recordings
Lesson 1All Recordings for the Basic Training
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