Introduction to Amazon Advanced

Module 1 Amazon SES Advanced Training Videos
Lesson 1 Overview
Lesson 2 Server Based Systems and Technical Ability
Lesson 3 Cost vs. Cloud Based Interfaces
Lesson 4 Server Based Unzip and Upload Mautic
Lesson 5 Why Mautic May Not Be a Straight Forward Install
Lesson 6 Server Based Unzip and Upload of Sendy
Lesson 7 Sendy FTP File Permissions
Lesson 8 Sendy Installation and IAM User Creation
Lesson 9 E-mail Verification with Sendy
Lesson 10 Cloud Based E-mail Octopus
Lesson 11 Cloud Based E-mail Octopus SES Access
Lesson 12 Cloud Based E-mail Octopus Connection
Lesson 13 Cloud Based E-mail Octopus Promoting Website Domains
Lesson 14 Sendy WordPress Integration
Lesson 15 E-mail Octopus WordPress Integration
Lesson 16 WordPress Basic Setup
Lesson 17 WordPress Plugin Setup
Lesson 18 WordPress Interface SES Connection
Lesson 19 WordPress Transactional and Notification E-mails
Lesson 20 WordPress Newsletter E-mail Paid Plugin
Lesson 21 Conclusion
Lesson 22 Advanced Training Audio Recordings
Module 2 Amazon SES Advanced Audio Recordings
There are no units in this module.