The Writer’s Blurb Crafting Workshop

Blurbs--the bane of every author's existence. Writers can weave a glorious web of words, crafting a book that makes readers laugh or cry (or both), but we all seem to stumble over the dreaded blurb.  This e-course teaches authors how to perform the research and gain the insight they'll need to create an engaging, attention-getting description. Five research exercises are followed by eight lessons and exercises to help you put together your perfect blurb.

Module 1 Getting Started
Lesson 1 Introduction
Module 2 Research
Lesson 1 What's with the research?
Lesson 2 About Your Book
Lesson 3 About Their Books
Lesson 4 Point of View Battle - Book vs Blurb/Exercise One
Lesson 5 Point of View - Book vs Blurb/Exercise Two
Lesson 6 Time for the Measuring Tape - Blurb vs Blurb/Exercise Three
Lesson 7 Time for the Measuring Tape - Blurb vs Blurb/Exercise Four
Lesson 8 Spin in front of the mirror. How does my blurb look in this dress? - Exercise Five
Lesson 9 Blurb Evaluation Summary
Module 3 Putting it Together
Lesson 1 Are you ready to get to work?
Lesson 2 On the Hook - Exercise One
Lesson 3 Look in the Middle - Content/Exercise Two
Lesson 4 Look in the Middle - Genres & Sub-genres/Exercise Three
Lesson 5 Keep Going! - Conflict/Exercise Four
Lesson 6 Keep Going! - Plot Twists/Exercise Five
Lesson 7 You're Getting Closer! - Description/Exercise Six
Lesson 8 You're Getting Closer! - Tropes/Exercise Seven
Lesson 9 Winding Down - Questions & Mysteries/Exercise Eight
Module 4 What's Your Score?
Lesson 1 Score Your Blurb Worksheet