The Writer’s Blurb Crafting Workshop

Blurbs--the bane of every author's existence. Writers can weave a glorious web of words, crafting a book that makes readers laugh or cry (or both), but we all seem to stumble over the dreaded blurb.  This e-course teaches authors how to perform the research and gain the insight they'll need to create an engaging, attention-getting description. Five research exercises are followed by eight lessons and exercises to help you put together your perfect blurb.

Module 1Getting Started
Lesson 1Introduction
Module 2Research
Lesson 1What's with the research?
Lesson 2About Your Book
Lesson 3About Their Books
Lesson 4Point of View Battle - Book vs Blurb/Exercise One
Lesson 5Point of View - Book vs Blurb/Exercise Two
Lesson 6Time for the Measuring Tape - Blurb vs Blurb/Exercise Three
Lesson 7Time for the Measuring Tape - Blurb vs Blurb/Exercise Four
Lesson 8Spin in front of the mirror. How does my blurb look in this dress? - Exercise Five
Lesson 9Blurb Evaluation Summary
Module 3Putting it Together
Lesson 1Are you ready to get to work?
Lesson 2On the Hook - Exercise One
Lesson 3Look in the Middle - Content/Exercise Two
Lesson 4Look in the Middle - Genres & Sub-genres/Exercise Three
Lesson 5Keep Going! - Conflict/Exercise Four
Lesson 6Keep Going! - Plot Twists/Exercise Five
Lesson 7You're Getting Closer! - Description/Exercise Six
Lesson 8You're Getting Closer! - Tropes/Exercise Seven
Lesson 9Winding Down - Questions & Mysteries/Exercise Eight
Module 4What's Your Score?
Lesson 1Score Your Blurb Worksheet
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